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Feeder Feast – Daily Diet

Everything your fish need for daily nutrition. Feeder Feast Daily Diet contains more than a dozen ingredients including protein, algae and nutrients. Great for all types of fish!

Feeder Feast – Herbivore Health

Feeder Feast Herbivore Health is an optimum diet for plant and algae eating fish, especially tangs, angels, butterflies, angels, south American chiclids (and all other plant/algae eaters). It contains 7 different types of veggies!!

Feeder Feast – Radiant Reef

This Amazing product contains an ideal mixture of ingredients and particle sizes to sustain and enhance the nutritional requirements of any mixed coral aquarium.

Feeder Feast – Super Shrimp

Everyone knows that tropical fish love shrimp. Super shrimp is a highly fortified and nutritional version of the traditional treat and a great way to keep your fish happy and healthy. Contains 3 types of shrimp! Let your fish indulge in this protein-rich cocktail!