About Feeder Fish Food

I started manufacturing frozen fish foods in 1996, based on the growing needs of some local (Los Angeles based) large scale custom aquarium installation and maintenance companies. At that juncture, I had been involved in the aquarium industry for almost twenty years, most of that time spent in the same aspect of the aquarium industry, aquarium installation and maintenance.

Since then, these “hands on” companies and successful stores have realized the importance of using our super clean, high quality feeds. Anyone involved in cleaning aquariums knows that low quality, dirty, gel infused foods go largely uneaten. Sadly, this causes malnourished fish, and think of all of the dirt, debris and gel that is introduced into your pristine aquarium environment. Do this every day, and you increase your tank maintenance and decrease your aquarium inhabitants’ chance of survival. Now, if you are just a hobbyist, extra daily work on an aquarium doesn’t seem like much, but don’t forget, you’re forcing your fish to forage for something edible or watch them stare at some foreign (spongy) lab based concoction, with undoubtedly bad results. If you own a store, you want your clients to achieve success, without the headaches of increased maintenance, and if you have a maintenance route…..why make extra work for yourself while setting yourself up for failure? Stores have a noticeable amount of recognition when their clients achieve success, which leads to greater store traffic and ultimately increased sales.

Feeder Feast and feeder fish frozen tropical fish food are all natural, super clean and free of awful gel binders, debris, etc. We have many varieties of high quality fish food to sustain the long term nutritional requirements of all tropical fish…..and now corals!!!!

Open any of our packaged foods to see for yourself….
The Shape of Quality…I guarantee it!

John Farrell